Allan and Carol’s Hidden Suburban Paradise in Lexington, SC


Allan and Carol were mortgage holders in Lexington who placed their home for sale but they soon they realized that they were making a mistake in selling the home they loved so much.

Allan said, “The house was open for sale for three weeks while we were going to open house events to see other properties. One Sunday evening, we felt that we couldn’t leave the house behind because we simply loved the place.” He added, “We loved the place. Our neighbors are all our friends, and we enjoyed living in the suburbs. Carol and I realized that the problem was in the design of the house. We just didn’t like our house, so we pulled our house out from online listings and started planning our renovations.”

Allan and Carol added minor expansions to their home design by reconfiguring the master’s bedroom, walk-in closet and en suite.

Carol said, “there was just so many things we wanted to change from new flooring to the kitchen and overall finish of the house. We needed an established firm to fulfill our design. We wanted to incorporate an open-air style in our home because it was getting pretty gloomy around here. We wanted to make good use of the large garden we had.”

Being a designer and consultant for Cementics, Angelo Sanders met with the couple and arranged the design to meet the couple’s requirements.

Allan said, “Mr. Sanders was exactly the person we needed. He captured what we wanted in the first design, and he knew what to do with all the space we had. He transformed out master’s bedroom and gave us the walk-in closet and en suite we were asking for. Today, our house is more beautiful than it used to be. Thanks to Angelo’s design, we now have the suburban paradise we call home.”

“To achieve their design, we at Cementics amplified the original concept of their home to highlight the entryways and the garden while creating more space and open areas to bring natural light and air into their home,” according to Angelo Sanders.

Carol said, “Working with Cementics was such an honor. We never knew that people of such expertise worked with such humility and fervor to give us our dream home. Angelo always cared about what we want and showed respect every step of the way. Not only did he make us a fantastic design, but he also helped us become financially adept when it comes to real estate transactions.

Allan added, “Cementics was very straightforward and clear with our agreements. No rock was left unturned, and they gave us full control of what we wanted while guiding us to the best our house could be. Thanks to them, we now have the best! After the renovations, we didn’t regret selling our home. This is truly a home we will enjoy living in for the rest of our lives.”