Case Studies

Below are links to case studies that show our approach in greater fullness:

1. Jona and Lauren’s Dream Family Home in Beaufort, SC


Thanks to Cementics, Jona and Lauren now have a functional home they can enjoy with their growing kids, without sacrificing their personal space and creating a venue for inviting their friends and families over!

2. Sam and Ross’ Modern Masterpiece in Rock Hill, SC


Turning an old 1970’s house into a modern masterpiece was Cementics’ mission for Sam and Ross. They couldn’t be more proud of their home’s transformation from a cooped up three-bedroom to a spacious two-bedroom with a free-flowing new veranda, work area, and mudroom.

3. The Transformation of Doug and Liza’s House in Myrtle Beach, SC


From a four-bedroom, one-story house, Doug and Liza’s beach home has transformed into a two-story home with enough room for their four growing kids and an improved veranda with enough space for the entire family to enjoy an afternoon by the beach without sacrificing their storage space.

4. Allan and Carol’s Hidden Suburban Paradise in Lexington, SC


Allan and Carol were tempted to sell their house for good, but they realized they loved Lexington. With the help of Cementics, they revamped their house and revitalized their love for their home. Angelo Santos of Cementics gave them a design that fit their vision of a perfect home.