How to Build an Apartment Complex That’s Sure to Attract More Renters

Whether you are looking to build a new apartment complex, or renovate your current apartment complex, here are a few tips that are sure to attract more renters!

  1. Wood Flooring

Flooring is extremely important. After all, it’s one of the foundational aspects of an apartment. That being said, it’s been proven that most renters prefer wood flooring, or flooring that is similar to wood. This is for a few reasons. Obviously, wood floors have a stylistic design appeal. In addition to the material’s attractive nature, wood flooring is easier to take care of and clean.

  1. Washers and Dryers

It may seem trivial, but research has proven that renters will pass on an otherwise perfect apartment because it doesn’t have an in-unit washer and dryer. When you think about it, having to lug your laundry up and down multiple floors is a hassle. That being said, make sure each of your apartments have a washer and dryer unit.

  1. Modern Technology

While some people value traditional Victorian style apartment complexes that have that certain historic charm, most renters are looking for an apartment complex that has modern technology. This means that your apartment complex should have stylish energy efficient appliances, smart controls, and great cell and wifi reception. If you really want to step it up a notch, install charging outlets that have USB ports. Many apartment complexes don’t have minor renovations like this, yet many renters would be willing to a bit more for apartment assets like this.

  1. Pet Friendly

Most renters have pets. So if you really want to attract renters, consider making your apartment complex pet friendly. This means renters should be allowed to bring standard pets. You should also have some pet amenities, like a dog park.

  1. Fitness Center

Lastly, majority of renters want an apartment complex that has a free fitness center. If you don’t have a lot of space, don’t worry! You can easily create a small fitness center by adding a few different machines to a small designated space. If you do have a lot of space, you should build a comprehensive gym, as well as a classroom to hold fitness classes, like yoga.

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