Sam and Ross’ Modern Masterpiece in Rock Hill, SC


For the longest time, Sam and Ross have been dreaming of revamping their 1970’s three-bedroom house into a modern masterpiece.

Their house was very close to the shoreline, so they wanted to create a façade facing the shore so they could appreciate the view. Cementics knew exactly what they needed and presented them with a modern design they’re proud of today.

“Ross and I have Cementics to thank for turning our old home into something breathtaking. People even think it’s new! I couldn’t thank them more especially with what they did with the view. We used to look out the windows to appreciate the view but not we have a huge veranda where we can admire the view,” as said by Sam.

Cementics turned the couple’s modern fantasy into a reality through the expertise of their devoted designers and architects. The mission was clear: create a sharper, sleek and spacious home where the couple can enjoy weekends while enjoying the shoreline view.

Ross said, “Sam was very hands on. Cementics was kind enough accept all of her wants especially when it came to the furniture. Their design just hit the right spot in her heart. Now we’re enjoying our transformed home, especially how spacious it has become.”

Their home used to be cramped up because of the design flaws of the old home, but Cementics has turned it into a contemporary living space with a stunning façade Sam and Ross can be proud of.

“It’s completely unrecognizable! From the inside, of course, I can still remember how the old rooms looked like, but everything’s spacious, and our home looks entirely new! Cementics used the perfect materials to complement the old design and give it a modern touch,” Sam added.

Cementics added a functional office and an organized mudroom where the couple can put all their designer coats and shoes

Sam and Ross know they made the right choice by making Cementics their renovation partner.