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So, You Want to be an Interior Designer? Read This First!

Do you often redecorate your home as a passion project? Do you receive compliments on your home’s style? If so, you might want to consider becoming an interior designer! While a career in interior design is alluring and exciting, there are a few things you should know before jumping the gun and altering your career.

1.) Design Should Be Your Passion

Obviously, you shouldn’t go into a career in interior design if you’re not passionate about interior design. After all, your career should involve something you love, and if you’re not passionate about interior design, it will show through your work.

In addition to being passionate about interior design, you should also have a knack for it. While being passionate about this career choice is important, it’s not enough to become successful. You’ll need training, experience, and a designer’s eye for that.

2.) Decorators and Designers are Different

Although a lot of people use the phrases “interior decorators” and “interior designers” interchangeably, they are different. Basically, the only difference between the two professions is education. All it takes to become an interior decorator is to have a sense of style, passion, and initiative. Anyone could suddenly wake up and decide they want to become interior decorator. All they would have to do is establish a business plan and begin marketing their services to potential clients.

On the other hand, an accredited education is required to become an interior designer. If you want to switch careers immediately, you could always work as interior decorator as your take designer courses.

3.) It Isn’t a Walk in the Park

Some people think all interior designers do is consult with clients and go shopping for fabrics, furniture, and decorations. While consulting with clients and shopping for products is a large part of the job, an interior designer also has to do a bunch of challenging, and even mundane, tasks.

4.) Unexpected Salary

All interior designers are millionaires, right? Unfortunately, no. While there is a good sum of rich interior designers, the median salary for a new interior designer is slightly above $40,000. An interior designer’s salary is influenced by many things, such as the company they work for, the location of that company, and education.

Typically, financially successful interior designers work in a high-end firm in a major city and have the necessary education to understand the ins and outs of structural design and architecture.

5.) The Importance of a Portfolio

Regardless of how good your communication skills are, potential clients are going to want to see proof that you have talent. The best way to show potential clients your talent and experience is by giving them your portfolio. Your portfolio should showcase an array of projects, which ultimately showcase your talent and versatility.

When you are a new interior designer, it’s hard to show a potential client a comprehensive portfolio. Instead of worrying about quantity, focus on quality. And if you really don’t have any designs and projects to show them, consider giving them a discount.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone works their way up. Although you won’t become a successful interior designer overnight, success is always possible. All you have to do is work hard and stay motivated.

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