Jona and Lauren’s Dream Family Home in Beaufort, SC


Jona and Lauren have been married for ten years and decided that it’s time to make some changes at home. They wanted to spice up their married life by turning their first home into a romantic and functional place where they can enjoy personal time and create enough space for inviting guests and for their growing kids.

They spent three months working on designs with other contractors, but they couldn’t get what they wanted from the other designs, so they turned to Cementics to give their renovations one last chance.

The rest was history. “At first I lost hope in getting my dream house because the old designs were too pricey and they didn’t fit our vision of a home we can grow old in with our children, but Cementics changed all that. They gave us a design we could afford while renovating our house with utmost excellence,” Lauren said.

Jona and Lauren came to us with a vision of a family home that’s perfect for the kids without sacrificing functionality and the opportunity for them to grow as a married couple. We were able to give them a living room that flows into the back yard with a touch of streamline designs while giving the couple a spacious master bedroom by maximizing the space between them and the kids. With the new design, it’s easy for the kids to move around and for the couple to have some personal space to enjoy alone time together.

Jona expressed his appreciation and said, “Cementics captured exactly what we needed. Lauren and I have our personal space, and we even have a family room for our kids where we can watch movies and have activities together. Thanks to the new streamline design from the living room to the backyard, we now have more space to hold gatherings for our friends and their kids.”

Through multi-fold entryways, Cementics utilized the living room and backyard spaces for them to make more use of their home. Jona and Lauren are excited to start inviting people over!

Jona and Lauren agreed by saying “We can’t be more impressed with the outcome of our home. It’s better than we imagined it to be because of Cementics’ guidance. We couldn’t have done it without them.”