The Transformation of Doug and Liza’s House in Myrtle Beach, SC


It was Doug and Liza’s first time to renovate and they only though of creating more space for their developing family, but little did they know that Cementics could do more than what they expected with their beach home.

“I used to think our house was incredibly boring, but I never knew that it could turn out this good!” Doug said.

The couple’s single-story, four-room house transformed into a two-story home with enough space for their family and more room for leisure and relaxation by the beach.

Cementics knew they needed more space for the couple and the four kids, so they utilized the lot by adding a second floor without sacrificing the safety and security of the family. They even extended the porch for the entire family to relax on a day with good weather.

Liza said, “After our fourth child, we started feeling we were getting too big for our home. Thanks to Cementics, we have enough room for our kids to grow, and I don’t have to worry about them growing up too fast for our beach house.”

Doug said, “We lost hope at first, but entering Cementics’ office lit a fire inside me. Through their hard work and determination to make their clients happy with their homes, we felt that we deserved a beautiful home as well – And they gave it to us,” Doug added, “I couldn’t be happier with the porch and the second floor. It’s obvious that Cementics is the expert here. They finished our home right on schedule without compromising the quality of the renovations.”

Cementics designed their house in such a way that they can enjoy a fantastic view without having to sacrifice storage space and rooms for their children.

Liza said, “Our home is now perfect for our way of life, and we’re a testament to Cementics’ mission of satisfying their clients. I’ve been recommending the firm to everyone I know who’s interested in renovating their homes. With Cementics, you’re in good hands.”